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It is very tiring to go out to shop in supermarkets for Kiffa (place of 0 inhabitants) when there are many people there. This is why we recommend you always plan your purchases for the day and week time in which there is less saturation in the Supermarkets in Kiffa. To discover this information, just call the supermarket telephone number you want to go here.

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List of Supermarkets next to Kiffa

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 aghreijit epicerie(Located 191.68 Km)
ayoun el atrous, mauritania Ayoun El Atrous ,Wilaya du Hodh el Gharbi ,Wilaya du Hodh el Gharbi ,Mauritania 
 complex el fadel akjoujt(Located 468.64 Km)
unnamed rd, fort-repoux,, mauritania Akjoujt ,Inchiri ,Inchiri ,Mauritania 
 atac el khair(Located 511.44 Km)
طريق صكوك، nouakchott, mauritania Nouakchott ,Nouakchott ,Nouakchott ,Mauritania 
 supermarché le bon choix(Located 761.36 Km)
avenue route principale dubai 89 Nouadhibou ,Dakhlet Nouadhibou ,Dakhlet Nouadhibou ,Mauritania  Email available.
 28 novembre(Located 761.61 Km)
autoroute nouadhibou, nouadhibou, mauritania mauritania Nouadhibou ,Dakhlet Nouadhibou ,Dakhlet Nouadhibou ,Mauritania