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Supermarkets in Pajok In Pajok they live 49000 often making their purchases in Supermarkets in Pajok. If you are one of those people who does not like to shop at the supermarket, we recommend that you call the supermarket where you are thinking about going and you will be informed when it is less saturated.

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List of Supermarkets next to Pajok

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 phenicia supermarket(Located 148.08 Km)
airport rd, juba, south sudan south sudan Juba ,Bahr el Gabel ,Bahr el Gabel ,South Sudan 
 phone available. 
 yei super market(Located 201.27 Km)
yei, sudan Yei ,Bahr el Gabel ,Bahr el Gabel ,South Sudan 
 taam supermarket(Located 460.49 Km)
wellington st, yambio 7244, south sudan 7244 Yambio ,Equatoria ,Equatoria ,South Sudan