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Every day, a good part of the 32083 inhabitants of Rumbek go out to make purchases in supermarkets in this part of the world. In order to not find a good part of these people in the line of the supermarket, we advise you to call the place where you usually make your purchases by looking for your phone in this guide of Supermarkets in Rumbek.

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List of Supermarkets next to Rumbek

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 taam supermarket(Located 286.34 Km)
wellington st, yambio 7244, south sudan 7244 Yambio ,Equatoria ,Equatoria ,South Sudan 
 phenicia supermarket(Located 300.92 Km)
airport rd, juba, south sudan south sudan Juba ,Bahr el Gabel ,Bahr el Gabel ,South Sudan 
 phone available. 
 yei super market(Located 319.67 Km)
yei, sudan Yei ,Bahr el Gabel ,Bahr el Gabel ,South Sudan