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List of Supermarkets next to Tursunzoda

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hisor, tajikistan tajikistan Hisor ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Tajikistan ,Other Cities in Tajikistan ,Tajikistan 
chorbogh, tajikistan tajikistan Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 paykar supermarket(Located 48.80 Km)
ayni street 16б, dushanbe 734025, tajikistan 734025 Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
 poytaht(Located 49.25 Km)
mirzo tursunzoda street 49, dushanbe, tajikistan tajikistan Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 super mini market mehr(Located 68.51 Km)
abdulkosim firdavsi st 81, vahdat 735400, tajikistan 735400 Vahdat ,Other Cities in Other Cities in Tajikistan ,Other Cities in Tajikistan ,Tajikistan 
 супермаркет ёвар(Located 89.08 Km)
qurgonteppa, tajikistan tajikistan Kurgan-Tyube ,Other Cities in Khatlon ,Khatlon ,Tajikistan 
 Website available.
 вахш киров 3(Located 100.82 Km)
vakhsh, tajikistan tajikistan Vakhsh ,Other Cities in Khatlon ,Khatlon ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 юкори кишдлок(Located 107.84 Km)
panjakent, tajikistan tajikistan Panjakent ,Other Cities in Sughd ,Sughd ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
kazakhabad, tajikistan tajikistan Kolkhozobod ,Other Cities in Khatlon ,Khatlon ,Tajikistan 
kazakhabad, tajikistan tajikistan Kolkhozobod ,Other Cities in Khatlon ,Khatlon ,Tajikistan